Todd McCabe

Todd was born and raised in Southern California. He is a graduate of BYU. He and his wife, Susie, moved their family to Utah in 1993 where they currently reside. They are the parents of five and grandparents to five as well! Todd composed the music and lyrics for his first CD, "Did They Know?" which was released as a single as well as choral music in 2002. Todd also co-writes contemporary inspirational songs for others to record including Especially For Youth and other projects. He has collaborated with violinist, April Moriarty, on their series of instrumental C.D.s for piano and violin, entitled, "My Redeemer Lives". Volume 1 "Calvary", volume 2 "Galilee", volume 3 "Bethlehem", and most recently released volume 4 "Gethsemane, Peace and Hope amidst Trial". Songbooks are available for each C.D. Todd is a recipient of the "Listener's Choice Award" and finalist for distinguished Pearl Awards.