About Us

"An Alpine Christmas" Concert begain in 1999, when Todd and his wife, Susie, with April decided to put together a 2 night concert in Todd's living room, as a "Christmas gift" for friends and neighbors. They invited special guest artists, whom were friends they enjoyed performing with. Their desire was for the evening to be one that not only focused on Christmas, but also allowed all to rejoice and honor the Savior.

Each year, neighbors brought their friends, who brought their own friends the following year, etc. Soon, Todd's living room couldn't hold all who wanted to take part in this special tradition. The staircase was always filled, as was the balcony above. They will never forget the year that many sat on the floor, almost under the piano, just to squeeze in. That was quite an "intimate" performance. Todd and April had considered finding a larger location, but it was a friend, Dave Warwick, who's insistance and faith in them finally won them over. When they had the concert at Todd's home, they asked the audience to donate coats (for the homeless) as a "ticket". As they pondered what good they could do in place of coats, the idea of a Benefit Concert for the Timberline Fine Arts Department was born. Todd and April were so impressed with the excellence of Timberline's choirs (yeah, Mrs. Jolley), orchestra, band, and drama department. After getting Mr. Hill's OK (thank you Mr. Hill), we hit the ground running.

Every guest invited to join them in their concerts has played for free, just to support the cause and share the evening. In 2006, their second annual concert at Timberline Middle School in Alpine, they were excited to have some very special friends join them: Kirby Heyborne, Cherie Call, Sam Payne, Alex Boye, and Tanya Barkdull. They were very happy to be able to raise funds for the fine arts department of the school. But most importantly, they were able to participate in creating a memory together, as audience and artists, in honor of Him whom we celebrate.

This year Todd and April are excited to welcome as guest artists: Actor, Singer, Recording Artist, Dallyn Vail Bayles; Singer/Songwriter/Story Teller, Sam Payne; Pianist/Violinist Duo, Todd McCabe and April Moriarty; One Voice Children's Choir, and Suzie Lind. It will be an unforgettable evening!